The Complaints Book is a very important website for the consumer to solve their problems with companies, but much more than that, the Complaints Book is a search site used by consumers before making a purchase or closing a deal , so it is very important that some basic guidelines are followed, so that the process is fair and honest!

The Complaints Book database is completely confidential and non-marketable. The data of the companies and consumers that are registered in the site serve only to enable access and service between the two parties. 

The Complaints Book will only disclose the necessary aspects of the issues to the media and refer the complaints to the organs and authorities that can collaborate to facilitate a fair outcome.

All source information for consumer messages is stored in our database and all public content on the site is indexed automatically by Google, Bing and other search engines.

Your personal data will not be displayed publicly, unless by the consumer or company's choice.

The Complaints Book does not accept anonymous entries due to the need to link each entry to a specific account in order for the applicable company/representative to be able to resolve this with you.

We do not accept complaints against individuals or political subjects.

It is important to know that we have a Terms of Use and that every user should make themselves aware of this.

If your complaint is fake or spam it will be deleted, you can check our terms of use.

Now just browse, search, inform yourself and if you have any problem with a purchase or service, of course, complain!

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